Thursday, August 2, 2012

Huffington Post Article

The Huffington Post Blog ran an article about my take on puppetry and specifically, the most recent showing of the work in progress, The Eye Which We Do Not Have (produced by imnotlost).  The author, Daniel Maidman, attended our intimate presentation at Standard Toykraft in Williamsburg in June.

He has this to say, "Think about it. You and I are sitting in a cafe, having a cup of coffee, and I say to you, "All things are puppets." You consider it, and you say, "Okaaaay -- this coffee cup is a puppet. These little packs of sugar are puppets. This spoon is a puppet."
That's an intermediate step. It's broad, but it's not broader than, for instance, Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
The further step is to say: The size of this cafe is a puppet. The triangle between my eye, yours, and the coffee cup is a puppet. The mass of the table is a puppet. The division of space is a puppet. The rate at which time flows is a puppet.
This is how Kate Brehm thinks when she thinks about puppets."
I am pleased with his in depth analysis.  Read the entire article HERE.